We are a band of  adventurous souls that believe time in the wilderness and fellowship is life changing. If you don't have a vision big enough that scares you...come join us and we'll help you find it.

We have incredible trips available which take us to the doorstep of Glacier Park Montana. It is a powerful combination of  Adventure Beyond Measure and refreshment that restores your soul . 


Get in touch by sending a message . We are more than happy to answer questions . If we don't get right back it's because we might just be hiking or biking in bear country. 


​​​​​​​​​​​​......​. Embrace the impossible  

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The vision of Montana Wild is twofold:1)To explore and experience the beauty of the Flathead Valley and Glacier Park area of Montana through experienced guided adventure groups. 2) Impact our hearts and souls with meaningful fellowship.

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