True adventure challenges your body, mind and soul which ultimatley impacts eternity. I realized this in 1990 while on a camping expedition in Tanzania ( My Adventures took me to the Ngorongoro Crater...night rides in the crater watching packs of hyena's attack their prey...was pretty cool, the outback of Serengeti by campfire...amazing..... on that trip we almost had our land rover swallowed up by quicksand ...took 3 other D 90's to pull us out! There are multiple places in Kenya where priceless  memories with incredible people were made... ). I learned that having a great personal adventure begins when you step outside of your comfort zone and travel to the edge of your limitations wherever God leads you! 
​In future years, I desired to have a greater impact which led me into missions. After my initial training with Youth With A Mission in Lakeside MT( near our current base camp), I have journeyed and led 17+ mission trips aka impact adventures through a band of brothers called Global Trek.  Here's the straight up truth, which is the only way we roll, #1 The iconic places we've been blessed to travel and serve were places we went to by God's Grace and #2: you NEED to get out of your comfort zone...and check out one of our trips and  see God's handiwork for yourself before you joke!!

Our journey's have also taken us to the rooftop of the world of the Himalayas of Nepal to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu high in the Andes, canoeing  through remote jungles of the Amazon to remote tribes to share God's unconditional love!! Amen?! We've built orphanages in the ghettos of Nairobi, Kenya after summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. We provided compassion & aid to the people of Kao Lak, Thailand after the heart wrenching Tsunami of 2004 and motorcycled through the Himalayas to share the gospel. We shared the gospel with local Amazonian tribes and went on canoeing adventures. A life sold out for a bigger purpose is a life of ADVENTURE BEYOND MEASURE!! If you're  selected (because space is limited, not because we are that special) to be part of our next ICONIC prepared to get ruined for the ordinary!!

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​​John Harfert-Founder

about Montana Wild

Ron Smith-Mentor

​Ron and Judy founded the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in YWAM in 1981 with 8 students in Kona, Hawaii. From that beginning, SBS has conducted over 500 schools worldwide in the last 25 years and have trained somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 students. He is a prolific author, great man of God and awesome friend. Please visit his website ​and for more information. 

​​The vision for Montana Wild began in the mid 90's when I had a vison to have a ranch in Montana where many lives would be impacted (especially youth) and where I could have a base camp to share epic adventures. 

The first official Montana Wild adventure took place September 24 - 28, 2014. This was a 4-day adventure where we experienced the best of mentoring/teaching from legendary friend (Ron Smith) and the best of adventure, located at the last best place...Flathead Valley Montana. Our trip included mountain biking in Whitefish , hiking 10+hours in Glacier Park, Flathead Lake BBQ's, fly fishing in the most pristine remote Lakes for rare Bull trout, and unlimited adventure in Glacier National Park. If you join us, be prepared to hike in remote wilderness where grizzlies abound and sometimes you need a 45 at your side.  We've had 8 adventurous Montana Wild trips and 2020  was our latest epic gathering at Mad Wolf ranch!! The vision of having a basecamp for Montana Wild became reality in 2019 with the purchase of a gorgeous piece of land in Lakeside MT. I am currently developing the property and praying in our next trip...for 2024. We have a BIG dreams to impact lives and building on our land to host missionaries and having a super awesome base camp for future Montana Wild adventures.