MW Adventure CamP-Flathead Valley MT 2014- Completed-Booyah 2yah!!!

  This was where it all began! On the shores of Flathead Lake to the cliffs of Glacier Park , into the back country of Whitefish MT. This crew of warriors were relentless!! 8-10  hour hikes in Glacier, fresh Grizzly scat on the trail at 0-dark 30, ER room in Whitefish (Mtn Bike incident)..No problem!!

This is a life changing opportunity to invest in yourself for world impact. This week includes unlimited adventure headquartered in the awesome East Glacier Park area, lodging, all meals, ground transportation in Montana and national park entrance fees. Also featured this week is the rareopportunity to be in God's Country and learn and grow from the powerful teaching of world-renowned author and School of Biblical Studies founder, Dr. Ron Smith. This event will radically impact  your heart, soul, mind and body so intensely that YOU and the world will never be the same for Christ.

Montana Wild Trips

This MW band of bros had plenty of back country adventure to stir the heart and soul. There were  multiple cabins of mighty warriors that desired to sharpen their swords(Spiritually and Physically) and rest in the raw Majesty of God in living color.

 MW adventure camp​- Flathead Valley MT 2015- ​Mission completed!!-

Montana Wild's adventure boot camps are designed to call out men and women who desire to break free from the safety of their comfort zone in order to live bigger lives of impact in the mighty battles and adventures God is calling them to. Through wilderness and adventure travel, we seek to facilitate the growth of men in their passion for Christ and lasting impact in their personal lives, families, communities and even the world. Many men in the Bible did two things: They lived their passions boldly in service of God, and they traveled to the wilderness to discover that passion. Impact begins with the heart. Travel to the wilderness with Montana Wild to discover and sharpen your passion and leave an impact.

This is a rare opportunity to invest in your relationship with the Lord (Jesus often went into the Wilderness to pray and seek the Father Luke 5:16 if we say "Go Wild or Go Home" you understand the context ) .Also, its an eternal investment in the Kingdom of God by bringing a friend to mentor who desires to impact eternity as well. The main thing is bring your passion for Christ and don't forget to pack your sense of adventure! There will be gut wrenching laughter, amazing  fellowship, sharing of the word, prayer, powerful teaching,  and's a limited example, mountain biking(we've only had 1 Er visit..he was banged up but survived to have a brew and pizza later !!),horseback riding that would make Brad Pitt jealous, fishing possibly upstream from a Grizzly,buffalo herd excursions where you dangle your feet over the tailgate and a you can smell the Bull's breath as it charges towards you..  and back country hiking which maybe near 1000ft drop off cliffs..always the "insiders best trails" in the most gorgeous National Park in America...Glacier Park!!! The Theme this year is " Going Deep Country with God" from Luke 5:4

Summited another sweet Adventure -! This was  our largest event yet! We had our first Mens and Womens event.  Horsebacked, Saw Griz,  hiked and had amazing teaching from the legends Ron and Judy Smith and much more...... Thank you Doug and Karen Nelson!!


Mission Completed- KA...Bam!! This was an off the charts adventure. Buffalo heard excursion, hair raising bear encounters, peace and solitude. You have to be here to experience the Glory of the "Wild". Great fellowship, teaching by Ron Smith and Gordy McDonald and much more......

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  MW Winter Warrior  camp​- Rocky MTN National Park 2015   Completed_Booyah!!!

  This was an all out adventure to the bone. First off, when you have a Special Forces Winter Survival Expert lead your trip it's

the Big leagues!! There is no winning about digging your snow cave, there is only DO!! This was full throttle snow shoe yourself into remote Rocky Mtn National Park backcountry then dig for several hours before frostbite and the elements getcha.