"The best way I can describe the Montana Wild trip is: refresh,renew and recharge. God showed me how amazing His provision is and not to rely on myself as much. It sounds rudimentary, but it's something I have to remind myself of daily. His Grace is sufficient!"     — Brent Galyon, Montana Wild 2014,2015,


"My trip to Montana Wild 2014 was a game changer. Getting away from the routine of life, going on an adventure with other men of God and seeking the Lord, was awesome! In Glacier National Park we saw God's majesty, and many clear streams and waterfalls. I was reminded on this trip to get into God's word, which is our clear stream, and was challenged to become a man of the Word. I won't forget it ... may God continue to give me the grace to get into His word and let it shape my life into that of an 'Oak of Righteousness.' 'Vaya Con Dios!'.    
— Gary Adams, Montana Wild 2014,2015,2017,2020

"After racing in the Baja 1000 as well as numerous AMA events the adventurous spirit had peaked in me. I can say with confidence that the Montana Wild trip delivered on many fronts of adventure, spiritual growth and worship which created a lifelong band of brothers with a focus on Christ. I would recommend Montana Wild to any man seeking adventure and  Biblical study with an undertone of peace and strength. Thank you, John Harfert and the men of Montana Wild. Booya to ya!"       ​ — Tristan Rickard, Montana Wild 2014,2015,2016,2017

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Thoughts on Montana Wild

"I have often told people, "Faith is not a success story." It was difficult, however, to make the commitment of the Montana Wild journey. I joined Montana Wild in a time of life that was very busy. I went because I needed to bring the adventure into my life that I think all men were meant to embrace and most men forget. I didn't want another month, year or even five years of busyness only to have life tell me it was a good time to start living ... True adventure doesn't start out as a safe bet. It takes the willingness to take the risk to stop surviving and be something more. God, more often than not, encourages us to do something bold rather than something safe. Joining Montana Wild was a great opportunity to start that something bold. It was a chance to have an adventure, be daring, embrace my brothers and let loose the wild spirit that can't be tamed. It is time for the next step. Are you ready?"    — Jesse Hunter, Montana Wild 2014,2016,2017,2018